Monday, April 02, 2012

B for

how can you not love them?

here are pictures of my cute nieces and nephew's . the family is expanding :)

 not-so-baby Angeline Yap
who loves her angry birds.

♥ another not-so-baby Lara Kaylin Howard
 who loves to cry! lol.

 and yet again another not-so-baby Elena Choo :) 
super hyper active. always sugar high :)

♥ mr. handsome boy, baby James William Howard 
who loves to sulk. PRO! haha

 the little princess, baby Chloe Jolin Howard
all smiles and no crying. the BEST!

and now welcoming all the new borns of twenty twelve :) this year has been rather productive i must say. haha. all come out at once!
i have yet to meet any of them. can't wait to see them :) proud aunty yo.

 the longest name ever, baby Sierra Celeste Ong Tian Ying
ah ma's first great grand daughter :D

♥ baby Oliver Yap
and his proud sister :) she's so happy. she wanted to name him George. hahah.

 just a few days old baby Hugo Choo!
Elena's a proud sister too :)

and, how could i forget this handsome boy who i see every sunday in church,

♥ not-so-baby anymore Nathan Ch'ng!
i miss himmmm!!

 i was smiling the whole way posting this because they're just too cute! :)
go figure for the letter C now!
i'm sure everybody loves it.


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