Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I for

i scream, you scream, we all scream for, 

this is a shout out to all you ice cream lovers out there!

this has def. have to be my favouritest desserts of all time. it can be eaten in any weather! be it hot or cold! awesomeeeeeeee! :) here are just a few pictures of my tham chiak-ness :P

this was during me and the girlfriend's trip to korea : 
the first thing we did when we landed was to go shopping :D and try the super yummy ice cream!

a burst of watermelon in your mouth :)

i watched We Got Married and saw Nichkhun eating this and we so had to try it.
it's amazing! coffee flavor and it's like drinking ice cream :)

and of course, we couldn't miss out on this!

chocolate devotion! with choc chip and brownies and choc bits. DROOLS*

and even at the theme park we had to have ice cream :) choc twirl with vanilla.

Banana Split from Pancake Parlour top with choc syrup! :D

and us having Sorbet at our steamboat party! 
nothing is complete without ice cream :)

Nestle peppermint ice cream on a hot day in Langkawi :)

everybody love this ice cream from MCD! :D
i especially love the Corneto Strawberry Sundae!

late nights with Magnum :) i love the almond coated ones!

Haagen Dazs Choc Fondue! the classic.

ice cream makes my world go round :)

now i feel like having ice cream! CRAP! lol


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