Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J for

haha it's only because i love them!

one of the best jump shots ever! haha.
- justin's surprise 19th birthday 

mostly failed ones! lol. but some successful ones!

- veryn's 20th amazing race birthday :)

the most recent one ; left side very fail! lol
- easter camp 2012 ; love alight

SS moment jumping alone :)
- Junior Youth Retreat 2011

 - Boxing Day 2011 :)

cause we're that cool we gave theme's for our jumpshots. lol!

be a chicken!

and this was religion :)

random night out after crepe cottage :)

and then with the BABI'S!

- Langkawi Trip 2010

 - Rangers Campfire 2010

- jiak pa siao eng at queens!

and this was obviously very failed. haha!

- wash car in the rain! lol

there's a whole lot more but i'm too lazy to find! haha

jump shots are always fun!


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