Friday, April 13, 2012

L for

L is for the way you look at me :)
O is for the only one i see,
V is very, very extraordinary, 
E is even more than anyone that you adore

def. gonna be one of the songs during my wedding! :D haha.

so yea, since LOVE  has four letters in it, here are the four things i love that starts with the letter L :)
it has def. been one of the food i have loved since i was young! i will never get bored of eating it!

Rifle Range Lemak Laksa is the best!

 and this is the Sui one. in other words, normal laksa. haha

and i love it when Ee comes down and she makes laksa! on nom nom nom!


2. Lace 
i used to really dislike it cause it's really itchy and aunty-look-alike. but as i grew older, I've learned to love lace! because it's so pretty :)

 and this is so pretty! 

gonna find a nice white lace dress soon! my wedding dress MUST have lace too. haha! 

3. Lin Dan 
hahah! yes he's in it because he's so awesome :)

was so privileged when we got the chance to get a picture with him during Thomas/Uber Cup 2010 in KL :) best memories ever! and we're so yellow! haha

and the sister gave me this picture in the card and it deserved to be in my purse. haha

can't wait to watch him play in Olympics this year! JIA YOU!! :D :D

and last but not least, 

4. London 
one of the places i enjoyed a lot :)

crooked house of windsor!

drank lots of ales in the pubs. awesome!

Buckingham Palace :)

a MUST picture with the red telephone booth :)

at Madame Tussauds w/ Audrey Hepburn. classy!

a stroll in Hyde Park :)

 and of course yummy crispy duck @ Chinatown in Leicester Square!

check Facebook for more pictures on this trip! 
i miss it already :)

that's all for now folks!
hope you loved this post too. haha


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