Monday, April 16, 2012

N for


because i feel you all should know a lil bit about me, since you're so nice to read this blog and because i have to study, i'll keep this post short :)

here are 7 things about me that you already didn't know :)

1. i'm AWESOME! haha. 
okay that didn't count as no 1. but it's a fact :D

for real now yo,

1. I think i have a minor case of dyslexia.
 i always simply form words in my mind from which i see and it's not even that word. lol!

2. I am totally a night person and not a morning person
i don't understand how people can be so happy in the mornings. lol
"i love mornings, i just wish they came later in the day" :)

3. I am a super duper extremely lazy girl! 
gosh! "...cause today i don't feel like doing anything" that's like everyday! lol

4. I have naturally straight hair :)
no i didn't straighten it. but sometimes i wish it was just a bit wavy. 

5. I do NOT like chinese herbal stuff
*yucks* except bak kut teh! :D

6. I am very afraid of creepy crawlies :O
especially LIZARDS! omg. worse phobia ever.

7. I love watching and playing sports.
just that i'm very lazy most of the time to go out and play. haha. but i could sit at the TV and watch all day long. can't wait for Olympics to come!

yay, so that's 7 things about me!
back to the books!


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