Monday, April 23, 2012

T for

years young :D

Hello :) well, it's not too late to write a post on one of the awesomest days of the year! so here is goes.

the smile i had through out the whole night :D my jaw did hurt after that night. lol

birthday invitation :)
Dress Code : Pink and White - as you'll be abel to see through the pictures! everybody looked to pretty and handsome :) haha 
Venue : QEII - super pretty place!

mom said i didn't have to come so early and i took my own sweet time getting ready at home. it was so funny cause i was waiting for zhu to text me to go and she was waiting for me to text her to go. so both of us sat at home waiting for each other. HAHAHAH! LOL moments!

meet my driver for there day :) - best friend! ♥

arrived there and i wasn't the last! lol. there were people later than me! :P 
the setting of the tables with goodie bags for everything in PINK! :D

and all those happy faces :)

♥ them girls!

my crazy pigs! ♥ - always fun moments together!

and the crazy stuff we did in high school! :D 

and the tham chiak people :) food wasn't that bad that night.

"when we're together, we laugh more than we talk" - yan. SO TRUE! hahah. 
and my hair damn red here. i miss it. 

and then, Andrew made me a birthday video. darn sweet! :D

best picture of the night! ♥

and after that, I was forced to give a speech. lol. i don't do good in them.

and after that, they force me to go out of them room so they could do this : LOL.

really lots of super LOL moments during the whole night. 

the lovely cake and presents! :D :D

thanks to the two best people in my life who made everything possible for the night! i didn't have to do a single thing for my birthday except inviting people. SO BLESSED! :D

and EVERYBODY who was there. ♥♥♥

seriously, thank you all for everything! :D

thank GOD for giving me an awesome family, wonderful friends and strength to go on through life! 


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