Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U for

"yeah, there's a party in the USA" :)

Truly my favorite place for a holiday! and since i've never updated about it before, here is goes. 
gonna be picture filled a informative! lol

1. Los Angeles (L.A)

the place where we stayed at! Knott's Berry Farm. it an amazing place to stay :)
but unfortunately didn't have time to go to the theme park there :(

and the food portions were so amazingly huge and yummy!

"where dreams come true"
- well at least mine did when i finally got to go to DISNEYLAND :) excited to the max!

everybody's favorite mouse, Mickey

 and mom's favorite, Mary Poppins :)

and ohmygoodness, the super cute T-Shirts :) 

Princess Tiana from The Princess and the frog

and you're never too old to go on Merry Go Rounds :)

okay i figured i can't post all the pictures because then this post will never end! lol :)

next was to HOLLYWOOD! :D

Harry Potter casts handprints on the famous stars of avenue street 

 and walking along the street looking at the names of the famous people and taking pictures with them. lol!

we were very excited people :)

unfortunately didn't get to go inside there, but i did go to the on in London :D

next best place to be at : Universal Studios!

my childhood video game, Crash Bandicoot ftw!

haha. JAWS! :D

i remember me and koko queuing for ONE HOUR + for this ride. ohmygoodness!!
to those we went to the one in singapore, it's almost the same. lol.

Fred and Wilma Flinstone :)
mom is the best "ehhh, my head not so big, i don't wanna be fred flinstone!"
WOW like mine was bigger than hers. lol

family is love :)

and Beverly Hills at night :) 
the tour guide was so funny "all you boyfriends and husbands are lucky all the shops are closed at night" LOL

2. Las Vegas (Sin City)

i just remember it took forever to reach there! lol

in the day :)

 and by night with all the pretty lights! :D

inside the casino place. lol

went to Hoover Dam :)

and we were all so excited about snow!

and after the super long 5 hours ride, we finally reached the Grand Canyon! :)
a view that is so worthwhile!

my first snowball :)

family is what matters :)

A Cactus Farm at the M&M factory.

3. San Fransisco (S.F.O)

before we arrived there, we went to Yosemite National Park! :D 

and omg i was freezing to the max because i didn't know it was gonna snow! 
and the park ranger! :D

again very much excited with snow :)

went to Sutter Home Winery for wine tasting but i wasn't of legal age yet, so oh well :)

had fun taking pictures with pretty flowers! lol

and when we arrived the pier is was pouring. what a bad weather to be out!

and the Golden Gate Bridge! :D was pretty misty cause it was raining.

 a clearer view of the bridge with my and daddy :)

and some steep roads we had to walk up. super tiring! lol

highlight of the trip, my shoes officially died. thank god on the last day! so i had to change to slipper in the airport. lol

i def. want to go back to USA sometime again!

my dream place to go will be NEW YORK!!!


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