Thursday, April 26, 2012

W for

as many of you already know, i've always wanted to become a wedding planner :) 

oh the joy of attending weddings. the smiles on everybody's faces, the laughter, the dolling up, the receiving angpao's (for us younger people :D) and the warm fuzzy feeling when both the bride and groom say "I Do" *melts* :)

so here are a few of the lovely things from koko stanley and cheryl che's wedding :)

super adorable flower girls and paige boy :)

and most important is family! :D

and of course i love being at the reception doing all the kepo job. haha

and the endless flow of white wine, champangne.... alcohol :) happy girl i am. haha

Koko Adrian and Melantha's wedding last year in sydeny :)

Koko Andrew and Che Che Amy's wedding in KL :)

and dad's side of the family!

 Eunice and Gabriel's wedding in 2008 @ church :)

and oh how i love dressing up! fav part :)

so yea, someone please invite me to your wedding :)

the joy of growing up is to attend your friends wedding! aahhh i can't wait. haha

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