Friday, April 27, 2012

X for

X-MEN! :)
okay, i'm still on time for this post :)

so yea, most of you would think that girls won't be all that into shows like that but i really like it. i think i've watched all of them :)

the first X-Men :)  (year 2000)

next was X2 (year 2003)

and then X-Men : The Last Stand (year 2006)

X-Men Origins : Wolverine (year 2009)
i remember watching this with veryn tay during college break! lol

and finally X-Men : First Class (year 2011)

i think our of all i really enjoyed first class the most because it was like a history lesson of x-men. haha :)

and favourite character would be :

Scott Summers @ Cyclops :) 

ahhh so good looking! lol

2 more letters till april is over! OMG!


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