Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Agricultural Festival @ Launceston

hey people :) 
as I've promised, finally a post about my road trip i had just before my trip to Melbourne. It was a good weekend get away even thought it was only for 2 days. i had fun! 

it's gonna be filled with lots of pictures as usual and spammed with me and Steph's face. lol. I'm sorry but that's the way i blog. filled with pictures. makes me happy :)

so anyway, woke up super early that morning. ohmygoodness! and it was so misty still! and took a shower and got tagged on insta by andrew to tell my my ASOS parcel was here.

 straight ran down to take it without wasting any time. efficient betul. lol

after that, jon came to pick me up and i can say that i was still so blur. went to MCD to grab breakfast and off we went. but first,

a girl's gotta do what a she's meant to do :) camwhore!

please don't ask me where i find the energy to smile so early in the morning. lol.

and whohoo! got another parcel of my 99 free photographs that i printed! I've yet to stick it up in my room. maybe after exams and when i finally buy my blue tack. lol

and i think i slept most of the way there until it was time to get up for toilet break. lol! so much for looking at sceneries. I'm the worse, especially when i comes to car rides. i always fall asleep because it's so nice. lol. and so finally after a few hours, we reached! and we were so hungry by the time we got there so,

THAI FOOD it was :) 
it was so yummy that we only took pictures after we licked our plates clean. lol

so, what comes after lunch? Def. DESSERT time :) and since I've heard that Launnie is famous for it's ice chocolate, it's a must that we go there :)

Cocobean Cafe.

and it did not disappoint :) anything that has ice cream and choc def. gets a thumbs up :)

after that we went walking around town for a while and off we went to the backpackers. 

lol. doing nonsense in the car while waiting to get checked in. 

yes, my face explains how the room was like. gosh. four of us squeezed into that tiny room. lol.

then, we headed to Cataract Gorge. it was really pretty.

and, it was raining. so! but as usual, always time to camwhore :)

i fins this picture so LOL! we all look so blur.

and luckily it stopped by the time we started walking. 

while we were on the bridge :)

and this is what you see! ohmygoodness. SO SO SO PRETTY! sigh* 

and being all touristy as usual :) 

aiyor, so many things to take with. a camera and an iPhone. faint*

needless to say, the sunset and the sky was absolutely gorgeous! :D

total FAIL to capture the sky. ended out like this. pengsan. lol

Stephanie the model. if u wanna hire her pls arrange with me first. haha.

and then, it was time for dinner! FOOD! :D we were contemplating on a few but ended up with :

i don't think i've eaten korean food ever since i came back from korea except for the one in sydney which was absolutely yummy :)

we finished dinner so early and we didn't wanna go back yet so we went kai kai and walked in the freezing cold weather. lol. please don't ask me where we went. lol.

finally back and everyone took their nice warm shower and in comfy pj's! and we played some card game :)

woke up like super early. omg! and it was FREEZING to the max at night and the blanket was so thin. gosh. and i had to shower. idk how these people don't need to shower if they're going out for a whole day. lol. 

the place where we stayed. 

and it was so so so so misty early in the morning. 

thank god for breakfast and COFFEE!!! :D

after breakfast, off we go to the festival :)

but as usual, being pigs again. lol.

finally reached and applied lots of sunscreen! 

 it turned out to be a hot day. PEK CHEK eh. people wear so thick then so hot.

walked around and saw animals :)

and of course, everything becomes better when there's ICE CREAM involved. home made raspberry ice cream. yummy to the max.

and after a long hot day with our shoes all covered in mud. it was time to go back home. as usual, i slept most of the way back to Hobart. lol. until we had to decide where we wanted to eat for dinner :)

Hejo's and look at our tham chiak faces. def. super  hungry!

that's all folks! i'm off to nap!

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