Tuesday, May 22, 2012

change up.

decided to give my blog a change of clothes :) 

now it's all pink as well. haha. i'm so obsessed with pink that this is getting so bad. lol

Last week, we had pot luck for connect night and the food was just simply amazing! :D was full to the max after that with good company sharing god's word. 

and i finally got to see this pretty cute lil girl! Miss Champagne. showered for her and then she was all fluffy and nice smelling :)

in the midst of doing assignments, there is always time to paint nails! :D i hate it that i can't see my nails without colour.

and finally, highlight of the week would be,


already got my list all planned out :)

thank god it's in china and i'm only 2 hours away and thank god for youtube live streaming! :D

okay, back to assignments. 

next update : Trip up? down? to Launnie :)

till then!

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