Friday, May 18, 2012


G'dday people! 
(with my aussie accent :D)

 i'm being random as usual! finally submitted one assignment on weds and thank god that the other one got extended till next week because i don't know what the crap is going on there. faints*

So nwy,  i just decided to post random pictures from my photo booth :)

i cut my fringe while i was down in melb :) back to bangs. thank you ee!

i miss my baba girl a lot! and of course tobster!

these two crazy/vain dudes that came to my place after my 21st :)

my first friend, Ben! i met when i came to melb to come to tassie! :) we sat on the floor in changi and he got my bags for me while in melb. thank youuu!

my awesome cup that ee got for me with a hot cup of milo. yums*
"I love mornings. I just wish they came later in the day" true that!

and the joy after the laundry comes out from the dryer! bliss!

motivation to walk up the hill was that i got to eat my subway cookies! always the best.

My easter present :) Maddie the duck!

and one of the days when we had girls time doing accounts at One Collins :)

HAHAH! Pearl's facial expression!

while she was baking and we had nothing to do but to point at her butt. lol

and whoopssss! in result to cam whoring, i spilled the molten cupcake on the carpet! OHNO! wipes*

 so after that, i got my molten lava cupcake in a bowl so it won't fall down. haha.

and lastly,

i french manicured my nails. eat food too free while rushing for assignments. CLAPS*

well, that's all for now :)
stay tune for more updates!
one more in tute test and one more frustrating assignments to go!
and then finals. god bless me!

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