Monday, May 14, 2012

it's Seirra time! :D

faithful readers. it is def. freezing like mad now!

my new socks ee bought for me. so fluffy and warm!

i will update soon after my assignments are done and over with on thursday. ohgosh, can't wait till i submit it! the JOY! and then sulk again when the results come out. lol.

nwy, this post is about miss Sierra Celeste Ong Tian Ying.
 the newest addition to the family :)

her cute lil hat her mom bought for her because she has so little hair like me! haha :)

the mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and great grandma :) during her full moon.

Ah Chor so happy with her great grand daughter :)

and my mummy with the lil sleepy head. lol. sleeping def. runs in the family! :D

 and the JOY while face timing with her :)

and while i was down in melbourne, we had seirra time every night! hahaha :) and it's so much better to see through my mac instead of the iphone.

 little miss sunshine :)

and look who's daddy's little girl? awwww

PINCH* those chubby cheeks. lol

and i guess vainity runs in the fam as well :)

so yea, a random post.
back to dumb assignments! *EVIL*

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