Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Hey people :)
 here's another random post because i don't feel like doing assignments. pffttt.

Last whole week has def. been one of the most busiest week yet!
my whole journal was filled with red ink with things to do. gosh. I'm glad it's over!

and my flu jab turned out to be a blue black :( how sad is that!

and i went up? down? (def. i have no sense of directions. LOL) to Launnie :)
i better explore Tassie within the 1 and a half years i have here :)

will update more soon when i have pictures and when I'm not lazy. lol

but we went to Cataract Gorge and it was so pretty! love the place :)

best buy of the week would be this lip balm! :D

and yesterday, we went up to Mount Wellington!! :D

and it was FREEZING!!! 

sorry for the blur pictures but will get nicers one. blame my iphone cam. hahah

and i'll be off to MELBOURNE tmr for good food and time with family :D

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