Thursday, June 21, 2012

close call.

i can smell h-o-l-i-d-ay-s soon! :D

3 down, one more damn paper to go next monday!
11.15am and shopping here i come!

been such a good girl resisting to go on ASOS for such a long time.

anyway, on monday, 18June2012

 i yet again stayed up doing accounts till the wee hours until it was time to go down and watch football :D

Milo energy bar kept me awake.

SPAIN beat Croatia 

was so stressed after Italy scored a goal against Ireland and put them at the top of the group and if Croatia scored a goal against Spain, it would mean Spain would be out. scary much. 

Spain's Iker Casillas makes a critical save from Ivan Rakitić to keep the game goalless

and then i was getting so tired and was just saying that "wasted my time watching if nobody scored a goal"

and then, this happen :

Jesús Navas hammers in the only goal of the game with two minutes remaining

and resulting in :

 Spain players celebrate as they top Group C with seven points

so, all is well and i went to sleep peacefully :D lol.  

on the other hand, went for dinner at Vina with Kylie again :) om nom nom nom.

Hers : Spicy Prawn Udon Noodles. yum!

Mine : Special Combination Fried Rice
one of my favouritest food here :)

on Tuesday, 19June2012

as usual studied accounts for the whole day and i got Meals On Wheels again :) i'm seriously super blessed. you people are so awesome!

and while studying in the middle of the night just before going to bed i was super craving for ban chang kuih. ohmygoodness. i miss this so much!

on Wednesday, 20June2012

thank god accounts paper went well and it was so freezing cold! like super duper cold. gosh. i totally forgot to eat before i went for the paper and my stomach was making noise the whole way through and it was super loud. lol. so embarrassing if people actually heard it. lol

came back watch Once Upon A Time because i was so bored but i was so tired as well.

me and Kylie decided to get Dominos delivery because we were too lazy to go out and eat or even cook. lol. and their application is so cool to order. super easy didn't even have to call them :) thumbs up.

we has The Aussie with egg, tomatoes, bacon and BBQ sauce with fried chicken wings :D YUM*

and as usual the internet was being a bitch and someone def. didn't want me to talk to Seirra! arghhh. ended up sitting outside in the freezing cold air talking to her but it was all worth it :)

my baby girl. LOVE HER TO BITS!

so that's all. can't wait to go to Melbourne! 

oh nwy, do pray for them because they just go hit by a quake. never have i heard an earthquake in melb.

 and can someone please come help me do laundry and fold clothes? lol

and remember to catch the quarters of the UEFA Euro Cup starting today :

21June (Thurs) - Portugal v Czech Republic
22June (Fri) - Germany v Greece
23June (Sat) - Spain v France
24June (Sun) - England v Italy

i'm gonna be like a zombie seriously. lol


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