Monday, June 18, 2012

it just keeps getting better..

Hey people :)
i'm back again!
. proud to wear this jersey .

yea so last night, i stayed up all night to watch the match at 4.45am and only slept at 7.00a.m. i'm acting like as if exams are over already. LOL! 


downstairs with my wollen socks and #16 Philipp Lahm :) 
it was freezing to the max.


GERMANY beat Denmark
2 - 1 

Lukas Podolski drills Germany into a 19th-minute lead in the Group B meeting

and then damn stressful when Denmark made an equalizer just 5 minutes after that! arghh.

Michael Krohn-Dehli's header beats Germany No1 Manuel Neuer five minutes later

but fear not, we have faith in Germany! :D

Lars Bender sweeps in the Germany winner with ten minutes remaining

Germany rejoice with their fans after topping Group B and booking a quarter-final against Greece

so yea, Germany are in the quarters against Greece on the 22 June @ 4.45am again.
 omg! annoying much so early in the morning.

arggghhhh quick finish la exams. damn pek chek.

ended up doing this nonsense instead of doing accounts last night. hahah. i get distracted so easily. like i am now by updating my blog. tskk.

and i was checking the weather on night and i turned out like that. so cool. but there was no snow. lies! lol. 

 found this online. how adorable can this be? haha. 

and ohmygoodness, after i watched 5 movies in just 2 days. very good nicole tan!

finally watch Burlesque! SO GOOD
Christina A. looks so damn thin here. lol. and Cam Gigandet so damn good looking :)

and then Little Mermaid 2 

one of my all time favourite movie

love musical's!
yea finally watch Mamma Mia too. lol

and i was too bored so i watched this. omg trust me it's horrible. worse sequel after such a good first movie! lol

omg back to accounts!

SPAIN tonight! :D

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