Thursday, June 14, 2012

the germans prevail :)

Hello dear readers,

just finished my first paper today and boy was it DUMB! arghhh. 
next paper in 24 hours time. all the best to me.

anyway, woke up super early this morning and it was freezing. but was happy to check the news that :

GERMANY beat Netherlands , 2-1

Mario Gomez drives in Germany's opening goal after 24 minutes and again in a spectacular second Germany goal seven minutes before the break

really wanna watch :

tonight @ 8.45pm (local time), 2.45am (Malaysia) and 4.45am (Australia)

but unfortunately i have another paper tomorrow :( 
so no football for me tonight as well.

and this has een my comfort food throughout my swotvac. and now i added ham to it. taste awesome :)

had super yummy dinner @ Vina with Kylie on Monday because we were so stressed out. walked there and met her floormate and he so nicely offered to fetch us back :)

mine : Vietnamese Beef Noodles

 hers : Roasted Duck Noodles

one paper down, 3 more to go!

and then shopping, winter retreat and melbourne here i come! :)

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