Monday, June 11, 2012

what more can i ask for?

helllooooooo! :)

firstly : WOOHOOOO
that Germany beat Portugal last night, 1-0. 

was so frustrated that the tv could not work so we went to live stream it at the comp and guess what, it went all laggy and we actually missed the goal. annoying much. but oh well, they won! :)

continue to win all the matches please! TYVM! :D

secondly : i have the bestest friends ever. lol!

nothing to do send me their picture while at church. 

and this video they sent me damn LOL to the max.

and i wish i never had to get up from bed! :(

counting down the days till exams are done and over with!!

2 a.m (Aussie Time)

i might actually stay up to watch it. lol. such a sucker for sports. pffttt.

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