Friday, April 11, 2008

ok. school isn't that bad ♥

. you will never know the real me .

yes laugh all you want. i kinda look like a nerd w/ specs. but somehow it looks good.

as i've already mentioned, we had our photo session in school 3 consecutive days. maine and zoe brought their cam and i decided to spam it w/ my face! hey may I remind you that I have to capture all these final moments I have in this school. like I said, everything will be my last. ok this is sad but. I 've gotta face the facts.

so, I chiew wen gave us all our duties and i got to do a stupid job which requires me to stand outside the stupid hall and arrange them students. got paired up w/ maine and zhu lian got zoe. well it's a pretty dumb job so i din bother doing it. HAHA!

. my ladies ; we got to do the crap work .

and this chiew wen just had to make noise jus because we were sitting down :D
so i got my butt up and give her face to go all the way down to arrange the other class where there's a girl in a wheelchair and kenot go up to the hall.
and then, one "ahmachi" jus gotta open her big fat mouth and complain

girl ; ehhh. Y can't we all go up to the hall and take our picture har?
me ; hello? be considerate lah. your friend here in wheelchair lah ok!

me ; you better keep quiet. you think ppl wan to be like that ah?

i straight away tembak her ok! damn irritating lah all these ppl.. GRRR! i'll break their legs and put them in a wheelchair and see how they fell.. so people, watch what you say or I might just start lecturing you. lol. and after it finished, went back up to the hall again to sit down and relax. and suddenly this stupid zhu lian started teaching us bad words. HAHA! well we only have 4 words to say.

. the bad words club .

. me ; vice president .
. zhu lian ; president .
. xing ying ; secretary .
. xing fang ; member .
. phaik swen ; treasurer .


and here are the picture for the first day. din do much tough

. simone calls this the " 3 8 " club .

. my beloved buddies ; classmates .

and yet again day 2 & day 3 was a really long and super tiring day for us. had to stay back until 3p.m on thursday jus to do for the afternoon session girls. ISH! and i was like a really made girl changing from one uniform to another. cause was wearing ranger's uni that day. but so unfortunate i have pusat sumber and co-op photo shoot which requires me to change den in the middle I have to change back to rangers. SWT!

. i still <3 them even though they are so noisy .

. everybody went into a diff class ; miss them .

not going to talk much d. so here I leave u w/ pictures which is what i always do. enjoy!

semua orang in ponteng kerja!! including me. HAHA

faithful 5 terampil people! jus wasn't in the same class in F1


i din know a girl like me could study chemistry anytime ; any place! HAHA

and then my beloved yellow house friends started to try to get me annoyed. HAHA. by doing this "flower" pose. gosh. they're so cute :)

crazy girls ; i told ya'll she's the CLOWN! haha

my favourite add maths & mod maths teacher! seriously she's the best. PN LIM LI LI!

okay that a wrap people
i guess some people still wants to be in the spot light

till next time.
bye people!

xoxo ; little miss sunshine

. every breath you take . every move u make . every bond u break . every step you take . i'll be watching you.
. oh how i love the pretty flowers outisde my school .

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