Thursday, May 22, 2008

on the verge of my seat

. & america's next top model is..... LOL .

to tell you the truth from the bottom of my heart.

i'm very very very very very super exctied

for this ;

. may the best man win .

and i really am predicting sick tomorrow.

my mom is being an angel. i you mummy!

OMG! i feel i'm going to get a heart attack again cause of my nerves

so who will win the finals tomorrow?



he's so cute and his ever charming smile makes it even better.

i tell you it's the dimple he has! and those small eyes.

GAHHH! i just adore him so much. amazing talent and superb vocals

he makes my heart melt

&& he sang GREAT tonight. wow` i'm sure it blew everybody off their seats

. waiting on the world to change .


maybe it just could be



the rocker who is damn HOT.

that voice of his is OHMYGOSH so freakingly wonderful.

he makes the songs he sings he's own.

he's just lovely and amazing.

&& you get 4-hours full of my vote IF i were in america now

. i dare you to move .

*fingers crossed* and praying silently in my heart.

&& she wishes for ryan S. to say
"daivd cook ; david cook ; david cook ; david cook ; DAVID COOK!"

hey wishes do come true.
will update ya'll tomorrow.
i'm off to bed now!

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