Tuesday, May 20, 2008


. & i thank the LORD for the night time .

first things first ; before i start my post ,


is going to come to and end soon. Finals are tomorrow and i'm damn excited man but unfortunately what a bummer is I have driving lesson. ARGHH! so that means i gotta watch it like at 11 smth in the night. aiyoh.. and on the day of the RESULTS I will be in school in the morning when they show it live. whatheheck? i told my mom i'm so NOT going to school on that day. i predict SICK :D


oh how I wished I was in america now, den I could vote.
but both these dude's gets my VOTE. that's for sure.
more towards the COOK's side.
i really hope he does win ok!
*fingers crossed*

. best season of american idol ever ; at least there's a fight this year .


I'm obsessed I tell you. i could just watch it forever!
starworld had a season marathon that day and I practically sat in front of the tv watching the reruns all over again.
GAHHH! david cook and david archuleta.

. please don't stop the music .


ok besides that , my exams are done and over with for this mid-term.
I tell you my teacher is trying to kill us at an early age ok.
all the 3 science subjects was ohmygosh.

well it's over and i'm not talking bout it anymore till the stupid results come out

and last whole week the one thing i could hear most form my mom was

& as per usual my reply was
"yes. going going ; i'm reading my book lah!"

well you cannot stop a girl from watching her badminton can you?
i guess not. every time i came home, i showered, ate my lunch and placed my butt in front of the TV. no i did not sit on the sofa at all cause i was too excited and needed a clearer view. so i sat right in front of the tv.

and there goes my mom again ;
"must as well u just go inside the tv. it's clearer there"

oh mummy dearest, how I wish I could be there to watch it live. HAHA.
saw my friend mr.ants on tv. hehe.

. she speaks no evil ; I see no evil ; she hears no evil .
- i suggest you do this if you do not want to read what i have to say anymore -

my house on the 16th ; 17th & 18th of MAY was certified as a "siau lang keng"
w/ all those screams I had to close every window and door in the house
or not after my neighbours come and complain
i pengsan straight away i tell you.

16th was beacuse ;
malaysia vs CHINA

then on the 17th was the ;
indonesia vs CHINA

thank gudness me it was an easy win for my dearest xie xingfang.

. i just love seeing her smile when she wins ; oh the JOY .


and i'm sure it was because of the support of the whole china team as well.
but her dearest silly boyf ; Lin Dan played a big big role in this.
i tell u, u can see him shouting and clapping for her at the side.
gudness. they are really damn sweet together.


the match that got me screaming and shouting "JIA YOU" so many times was between zhang jiewen/yang wei and vita marissa/liliyana natsir.

OMG OMG! i was like
"DADDY! pleast call the ambulance to come in case I get a heart attack"

LOL! i seriously was about to get it when they lost the 2nd set ok.
but thank GOD they took the 3rd set.
and Lu Lan did great too when she sealed the final point at 3-0 for china's 6th consecutive win the the uber cup.

. china's uber cup 08` .

& finally the day I've been waiting for ; on the 18th
korea vs CHINA

ok today was even worse, before the match even started I was already shivering.
Lin Dan made me feel even worse when he lost the first set 21-10.

at that time i felt like going to strangle him d.
I was practically screaming my lungs out and shouting at the tv.
he just had to win the first point for china or not i also dunno how d ok.

. the ever loving couple ; i just love the two of them .


cai yun/fu haifeng already got me a heart attack by loosing to lee yong dae/jung jae sung in straight sets.
but seriously thank god bao chunlai won the first set by 28-26 or i'll bet you, his confidence towards winning the match will be ZERO! like how LHI played.

. look at all the support the uber cup team gave to them .

and the 4th game was jus amazing.

just see ths picture below and it will explain everything of how they felt to win this cup 3 times in a row.


i also was jumping up and down in front of the tv when it was thomas cup point at 20. HAHA.

i just love all the support the china team gave to their people. that's why lah they can win! look at other teams, like tak bersemangat at all. CACAT people.


. china thomas cup 08` .

that wraps up my post of today.
i'm very happy.
and on monday i kept watching the repeat. i tell u i've watched the match 4 times already.

.badminton totally rocks my world.
xoxo ; little miss sunshine

oh btw, here's a picture of my darling baby niece as promised


. well you actually can't see any of her features yet. maybe when she's older. but her eyes are big like baby lara's one .

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