Friday, November 28, 2008


i'm gonna do you a favour and only do one tag of yours cause i'm being extremely kind :D

here ya'll go, here's :

Seven random facts about myself:

NO ONE, [ i repeat no one] can stop me from watching my BADMINTON.. not even SPM! seriously. it was so tempting to watch and the SISTER and I did watch.. arghhh! temptations are BAD!!

oh i absolutely love the JONAS BROTHERS. heck yea. and nobody's gonna stop me :D

I must have MUSIC ♪♫! thank god for ipod's and my green faithful baby!
♫ i want nobody nobody but you ♪

As much as I love sleeping, I have problems sleeping. not that i want to but it because most of the time i can't breath! pls pray for me! it's getting very irritating.

Driving is fun and not fun at the same time. but all my hard work to pass that stupid exam ya'll better appreciate me! HAHA!

I want a cocker spaniel / a golden retriever! pretty please mummy!! so hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. like how my aunt's big fat Leo was brought into the family. showing his pathetic doggy eyes. so from a German shepherd to mr giddy goat LEO! :D

I recently became a TV addict! E-News, Daily 10, Ellen Degeneres, Hannah Montana, Widzards Of Waverly Place........ the list goes on. crap!

Koay Yi Lin . Charisma . Rachel Ooi . Adelene Tan . Shalini
[if ya'll don't wanna do it or have already done it it's ok!]

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