Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the not so glam birthday! :D

hey people,
enjoy this post with loads of pictures on :

Yi Lin's "NOT-SO-GLAM" 17th Birthday!

my dearest yi lin, the NOISIEST girl i've ever met besides me :D
you're an amazing girl and never stop having that awesome FAITH in him!
you've been a HUGE blessing to me in so many ways.
you always!

i know i've postponed this post way to long :D
i'm sorry. HAHA!

after tuition, I dropped my mom @ the hairdresser's and there we were

cheryl . nicole . yi lin . karen . jocelyn

heading to MCD to make wonderful noises there! like we always do anywhere. I guess you just can't stop us from being US! :D

we sent yi lin to the toilet so I the "smart" one could do this!
we had no cake so i stuffed candles into her Burger

and guess what? count how many candle's i put!
my mind couldn't process properly so she got 10 years younger
ooppss! HAHA

and the best part was, after i placed to candles on, i went to borrow a lighter from one of the staff and guess what?!
NONE of us knew how to use a lighter! HAHA
and we so "sampat-ly" brought it back to ask for HELP! :D

her perfectly yummy cheeseburger became a waxy then holey cheeseburger

the birthday girl making her wish!
hope it come true. hehe

HAHA! it's so complicated to use karen's touch screen phone.
i had a headache using it. and it doesn't even work properly!

so I tried my best!
i really did!
and i got it working! HAHA. i'm so proud :D

i captioned T-SHIRTS!
hint* hint* christmas is coming' :D
she purposely wore her "QUEEN" shirt cause she claimed herself as the QUEEN of the day
pftttt! :P

i laughed so hard!
these girls never fail to make me laugh so hard!
GOSH! terrible! HAHA!

the SHIRT says it all!
tq cousin for the awesome shirt! I LOVE YOU!

finally! a proper outcome of the nonsense photo!
all smiles :D

my camwhore partner of the day
miss elmo ng :D
ILY babe!

i'm no longer her so called driver anymore!
she has moved on! HAHA :D

my lovely classmates I will never forget!
we laughed, we screamed, we made noise and most of all we had fun in school!
thank you people!

crazy girls!
don't ask me how i survived with them. gosh!!

oh yea. your so scary cheryl!

come on, you can do the L-A-L-A with me
i know you can!

guess what, MCD has really become the new spot for flirting!
gosh. pathetic girls. i can't stand them!
of all places MCD? like HECK!

oh yea. i just wanted to be in the picture! HAHA

we're missing out yi lin!
sorry for the messy table!

Nicole and her CAI YUN!!!! SIGHS*
Karen and her LAM FUNG! SWT*
Cheryl's ELMO isn't hot! HAHA

went back to yi lin's place to crash her house. HAHA!
MCD model's and i'm gonna show off my P! :D

all in all, it was a day filled with laughter as usual!
thank you people!

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