Thursday, December 04, 2008

prayer alert!


to those of you who know, QUAH LYN SI pls keep her in your prayers!
I just found out last night that she's having leukemia.
PLEASE PRAY FOR HER and most importantly her family to stay strong!
i know it's hard having to have some one suffer from cancer. I was on of them who suffered to when my dad had it. But don't worry. God will always protect his child!

last day of school. oh pls don't mind caryn's fingers. LOL!
my physics lab partners!
awesome people!

To Dear Lyn Si,
I know you will be strong throughout this whole process!
Don't ever give up! Life is full of Hope and you'll get through it.
God will always have his hand of protection and comfort around you and your family!
We're all here for you!

prom 08'
everybody's so pretty :D

I'm serious here!
I never ever want to loose a friend and i'm not going to now!
remember the power of prayer!
Thank you!

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