Thursday, June 18, 2009

love is a battlefield!


I being such an awesome girlf took my zoey all the way down to queens just to get her haagen-dazs card after our class!

i can hear the sound of FREE ICE CREAM on the way :]

went into forever 21 and we did have a good laugh!

zhu lian : Now I know why the dresses they put so high up, cause only TALL people can wear them
nicole : We can actually cut the dress into half and both of us can wear it!

seriously, look how long it was -.-"!

she's finally moving into my class next week!
after a whole month they finally decided to let us change classes! :)
silly college!

as soon as i get pictures for simone ong,
i will post pictures of yi lyn's farewell

I ended up hurting my poor leg thanks to janice ooi and the slide!
i hate slides now! except for the one's with water! HAHA!

one of the dumbest show i've watched in the cinema :)

it's not exactly scarry like those horror/ghost movies but it is shocking!
well if u wanan go watch a dumb show, be my guest to go watch it :]

Yes, I did shout.
so did everybody else ok!

i'm gonna go work!

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